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The Falstaff Family Centre is located in Stratford, Ontario focusing on the needs of families and children in Perth County.

Founded in 2002, the centre is a multi-faceted and evolving facility, devoted to the principles of inclusiveness, diversity and the realization of human potential, and responsive to needs identified by the local community.


Our vision is to support children and families by providing space for services identified as necessary or beneficial by the Stratford and Perth communities. We strive to do this in a sustainable way that protects the heritage design of the building and its grounds, and respects the integrity of the neighbourhood. Falstaff Family Centre is a welcoming organization that offers complementary not competitive services.


The Falstaff Family Centre embraces the following guiding principles.
• Respect - to be inclusive and non-judgmental
• Integrity - to always operate in an ethical manner
• Fairness - to be equitable and tolerant
• Support - to create avenues and opportunities for self-improvement
• Caring - to value people's happiness
• Reason - to exercise good judgment
• Privacy - to ensure that confidentiality will be expected and respected
• Environmental awareness - to be proactive in protecting the environment

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